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Hello! My name is Peppermint01 (AKA FriskPacifist1 for those who took my DDLC and Glitter Force quizzes) and I have a personality quiz for you! This is somewhat accurate, but don't despair if you don't get the result you want.

The 4 results are: Optimist! Charmer! Secretive! And Agitated! There are many, many, many more personalities out there, and maybe I'll make another quiz with more personalities!

Created by: Peppermint01 of My Amino Page!
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  1. You are just starting your first day in a new school when you are greeted by a girl in a mint-green sweatshirt. "Hello! I'm Peppermint!" How do you react?
  2. "So this is your first day, huh? We've got the same classes, you want me to show you where they are?" How do you respond?
  3. You are sitting in Math when Peppermint passes you a note. "Hey, do you want to be friends?" What do you write back?
  4. You are in the hallway when you see Peppermint standing up to a bunch of bullies. Her nose is bleeding and you can see the bullies are ready to hit again. What do you do?
  5. Peppermint thanks you for helping and explains how she got there. "They won't leave me alone because I'm Jewish..." How do you respond?
  6. You sit down for lunch, but you forgot your money. Peppermint notices and offers you her lunch. What do you take?
  7. Peppermint runs up to you with a flyer for a talent show. "We could sing together or something!" How do you respond?
  8. Peppermint invites you over to her house to practice and hang out. Do you go?
  9. You arrive at Peppermint's house. She opens the door and offers you something to drink. What do you take?
  10. Peppermint pulls out some video games. "Wanna play?" Which game do you take?
  11. After an hour of video games, she pulls out a notebook. "Let's decide what we're doing for the talent show!"
  12. It's time for homework. Peppermint asks you if you want a snack while you study. Which snack do you pick?
  13. Your mom and Peppermint's mom say you can have a sleepover. What do you do for the first activity?
  14. After a while, you both start to get tired. Peppermint turns to you. "What movie do you want to watch?"
  15. You wake up and it's time to go. Peppermint surprises you by giving you a hug. "Thanks for making this so fun!" What do you do?

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