What Rank of Force Wielder??

Imagine, You had the Force. How would you use it? Would you be skilled with a Lightsaber? Would you be wise? What rank in the force would you be? My quiz aims to answer that very question.

Are you a master of the dark side, such as Sith Lord or Dark Jedi? or are you a being of light. Like Jedi Master or maybe you're not so strong like a Jedi Youngling. Or maybe your power rivals the ones. Find out with this quiz!

Created by: Thomas
  1. What is your philosophy on the Force?
  2. What is your approach to conflict?
  3. How would you survive Order 66?
  4. You disable your opponent by cutting his lightsaber in half, the opponent awaits his fate. What do you do?
  5. Who would you like to be teaching you?
  6. What is your greatest feature?
  7. What rank do you see yourself becoming
  8. What is your destiny?
  9. What is your greatest flaw?
  10. Finally, are you an Intellectual, or do you think with your lightsaber?

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