Which Jedi Are You

There are many jedi but which one are you. are you even a jedi at all. Maybe you could be Yoda, Or Maybe Anakin. Always be aware of the force. You are awesome

Do you have enough midi-chlorians to use the useful force. Can you swim, can you punch, or are you strong. Let's find out by taking this quiz. Thank you for it.

Created by: Quinn Korach
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  1. If there is a need to fly to rescue a politician what do you do
  2. There is a war. Do you use your lightsaber for attack or for defense.
  3. Are you good with the force
  4. How do you cooperate with orders
  5. Do you like clones
  6. Do you love someone
  7. Do you like the Chancellor
  8. Who do you like most
  9. Which Ship
  10. Who is your favorite clone

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Quiz topic: Which Jedi am I