Who Are You Quiz

Their are many different types of people. You can be rude, calm, nice, friendly, and much more! You can always change who you are too! Just keep trying. Always try to be nice!

Who are you? I don't know! Take this quiz! It probably won't be 100% accurate but it will give you a basic look at who you are! Don't be mad at the results! Accept them!

Created by: Isabella P.

  1. If your best friend has a crush on your crush you either....
  2. Your see a new person at school, you either......
  3. Would you rather, steal a $1,000,000 necklace and not get caught, or win the lottery
  4. Your dog dies, he was your best friend. You either.... cry about him every day, or cry for a week and then be calm
  5. Be rude, or be nice
  6. Hide forever, be popular, or be normal?
  7. Help or ignore someone?
  8. You have a little fight with your best friend, you either.... hate them for life, mad for a day and then try to be friends again?
  9. You stay calm in little situations, freak out?
  10. Your Mom gets re-married, what do you do?

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