Are you mean or nice?

There are alot of mean people. They are rude, inconsiderate, and hurtful . Sometimes they change and become nice, but sometimes they don't, so try and ignore their mean insults.

Do you think you're mean? I hope not. They make people feel bad, and I think we have enough of mean people in America.So take this quiz, and if it says you are mean, do change. And if it was wrong, I'm sorry.

Created by: mimi1238

  1. You are at a restaraunt, and you ordered a steak. The waiter spills it on you. What do you do?
  2. Today you are waiting in line for Broadway tickets. You wanted to see The Lion King really badly.But you find out it's sold out. You:
  3. A person you really don't love as a spouse walks up to you. He/ She purposes to you. What do you say?
  4. You find out a girl likes your best friend (he's a boy). What do you do?
  5. Do you ever tease people?
  6. What do you talk about at lunch?
  7. Who do you hate?
  8. Who do you hate?
  9. Are you obsessed with revenge?
  10. How do you take care of people who annoy you?

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Quiz topic: Am I mean or nice?