Are you nice to other people?

There are a lot of nice people in the world they do great thinks for you and everything you couldn't possibly live without them your probably wondering if your nice

Are you nice? Do you do nice things for other people? I hope you are nice because that would be really great! Well if your wondering you might as well take my great quiz!!

Created by: Ciara4

  1. If somebody new came to your school would you judge them by their looks?
  2. If someone accidentally bumped into what would you say?
  3. Do you personally think your nice?
  4. When it is your best friend's birthday do you get her/him anything?
  5. When it comes to having new friends are you nice to them?
  6. Are you nice to your family members?
  7. Do you think you have anger issues?
  8. Do other people call you mean or nice?
  9. Do you think you'll do good on this quiz?
  10. Here are your answers

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Quiz topic: Am I nice to other people?