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  • Random quiz
    [published: Jan 27, 2012, 2 comments]

    Thank you if you are taking my quiz I just kind of thought about it at the top of my head and made it into a quiz so……

  • Do you love candy?
    [published: Jan 09, 2012, 7 comments]

    There are many people in this world who like candy everybody that I know loves it but if you don't you should……

  • How much do you like tv?
    [published: Jan 08, 2012]

    There are people who watch tv and some who don't like to watch tv and I would be one of those people……

  • Do you like school?
    [published: Jan 07, 2012, 3 comments]

    Some people in the world don't like school they think it's boring other people think school is fun sometimes……

  • How much like me are you?
    [published: Jan 06, 2012, 2 comments]

    Their are many people who act like each other this quiz would be about if you act like me or not I……

  • How often do you get in trouble?
    [published: Jan 06, 2012, 3 comments]

    There are many people who get in trouble a lot they do things like forgetting their homework……

  • Are you nice to other people?
    [published: Jan 06, 2012, 3 comments]

    There are a lot of nice people in the world they do great thinks for you and everything you……

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