I can guess your worst fear

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There are multiple choices in fears. Now take this quiz slowly and carefuly and please be honest. This will realy detect your true fear. Dont believe? You will soon figure out that its the truth......

You have answered the first question so please don`t get freaked out or start crawling on the ceiling with your head turning all the way around. So answer the following questions.

Created by: Emily
  1. Do you believe in god?
  2. Do you believe in ghosts, demon, legends, slendermen, etc..??
  3. Do you fear people?
  4. Pick a card (depends on birthday)
  5. What is your favorite kind of pie?
  6. When is your birthday? (be honest!)
  7. What is your zodiac sign??
  8. Do you think this quiz is creepy, scary,or confusing?
  9. Is this quiz annoying you?
  10. Okay what is your favorite color??
  11. Now what is your lucky number?
  12. What about your lucky symbol??

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Quiz topic: I can guess my worst fear