What is Your Nightmare Creature

True fear is something that no phisicl thing can show, according to some. To others, fear is nothing but a distraction. Something that you should have no regaurd to. What do YOU beleave?

You may wonder if nightmares are based on you fear. This may be true but before you can find out, you have to know what your fear is. Thanks to this quiz, you can learn what it is.

Created by: Nick King
  1. Do you fear the dark?
  2. Do you enjoy horror/survivle games such as Dead Space, Residant Evil and Natzi Zombies?
  3. Are you a kind person?
  4. Do you beleave that true fear comes from the mind?
  5. Are you very imprationable?
  6. Are there many at least 3 things you fear (i.e. spiders, worms, vicious dogs or possibly other people)?
  7. Someone walks up to you, pulls out a gun and threatens you. What do you do?
  8. We have 5 more questions left.
  9. Would you rather try and survive a zombie apocalypse with your best friend or try and survive an alien invasion? Both of which only in simulations, NOT REAL!!! But it does feel real.
  10. Last question. Did you like the quiz.

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Quiz topic: What is my Nightmare Creature