Do You Know GTQ?

there are many people who are on this site,but others are on it,AND know everything about it,are you a master,or a poser,or a novice??? well this quiz will tell you

this quiz is about the forums,quizzes and just the site in general,enjoy the quiz and i hope u did your homework( or you already knew. )give it to me straight in the comments

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. How many Questions does a quiz have to have until u can finish it
  2. How many letters does a result have to be?(multi-result)
  3. Who is GTQGuy
  4. What are 5 of the forums
  5. How many seconds does a novice have too wait after a post, to post again?
  6. How Many forums are there?
  7. What level do u have to be to post pics?
  8. what are three users
  9. do you like GTQ?
  10. how many quizzes do you have to make to become novice
  11. what is the order of the four boxes on the top of the homepage WITHOUT LOOKING!
  12. thanks for taking my quiz,did u like it

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Quiz topic: Do I Know GTQ?