Five Nights At Freddy's quiz!

FNaF isn't hard to master. It is a simple, non-complex game which needs no real thinking about. Sure, maybe this is false for beginners. But for the people who play this often, you don't even need to think about what you're doing. You just DO it.

So are you a FNaF master? Only Pure, high scores can be classed as master. If you cheat, no-one may ever know, but that means you are a master whom is not honest and not pure, so think carefully about your actions.

Created by: Angel2003

  1. What animatronic is likely to of caused The Bite Of '87? (sorry if you're oppinion isn't here)
  2. Did phone guy die on Night 4?
  3. Is Bonnie male or female?
  4. Are the Phantom Animatronics Hallucinations?
  5. Are you ready to get harder?
  6. When Is FNaF 4 to be released?
  7. What are the new type of animatronic style in FNaF 4?
  8. Pick a real mini-game.
  9. Who ends Give Gifts, Give Life with their jumpscare?
  10. Ok, that is the end of the quiz. My first quiz. Did you like it?

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