Do you love candy?

There are many people in this world who like candy everybody that I know loves it but if you don't you should try it because it taste great have fun!

Do you love candy? Do you think it taste wonderful? I think it does but that's just me so if you take my test you can find out if you like it or not!

Created by: Ciara4

  1. How much do you eat candy?
  2. Which do you like best?
  3. Do you love candy more than....
  4. Do you like chocolate?
  5. Would you rather have candy than food?
  6. If you had to eat one thing everyday what would you eat?
  7. If there was no more candy on earth what would you do?
  8. Hi
  9. Candy is great
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: Do I love candy?