what candy are you

There are many candies in the world which are you? There are sour, sweet, rought smooth, cruchy, thick and thin candies. Candy candy candy! I am obsessed with sweets so, I made the quiz.

Are you a favorite candy? Are you a popular candy? Are you a hardcore or completely soft candy? Take this quiz and in moments you'll know for sure! And thanks for taking my quiz you people are the reson I take time to make these quizes!

Created by: sweety

  1. Do your friends concider you "hard core"
  2. What kind of candy do you like most
  3. Lots of friends?
  4. Do you have a a sweet tooth?
  5. What do you like to do
  6. (Usually) what's your mood
  7. What kind of candy do you eat the most
  8. if you had to eat sweet candy for the rest of your life yould you do it
  9. If you had to eat kinda sour candy for the rest of your life would you do it
  10. (This question has no effect). Will you rate
  11. (This question and the next will have no effect) will you comment
  12. Last question have you taken one of my other quizes, what's your warrior cat name or what's your high school sterio type

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