HAVING FUN.......OR NOT!!!!!!!!! part 2

There are many bad things that happen. I don't think bad things should happen at all but unfortunately bad things do happen. This is part two so make sure you take part two before so you wont be confused.

Would you be scared if any of these horrid things happened to you? I'm sure you would because this is not your average quiz. So take the quiz then I will do a part three depending on how you like this one. Enjoy:)

Created by: melinaa

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  1. So,after you get thrown into the truck you hear men talking. They are saying things like "What do you think we should do with it?" You get really scared and start screaming. Then they tell you to shut the f--- (excuse my profanity) up. You tell the that you will call the police on them.(which would be a stupid thing to do). They say that you wont live to see a phone ever again.
  2. They tell you before they kill you they will have a little fun with you first. They tell you that you have to be their pretend wife. You have to do horrid (discussing things) you have to work hard all day at cooking,cleaning and all things horrid. Do you already have an ecsape method in your head.
  3. They throw you in a basement and tell you to go to sleep. You see a door. You wonder where it leads to. You almost got up to see if you can escape,but you remembered right before they threw you into the basement they told you if you move or try to escape the will kill you. Do you try to escape?
  4. So yes you do walk out the door. It turns out you escaped and you went home. You are safe! Except for one thing that person is still on the loose and told you they would find you. The Police are looking for him,but cant seem to track this dude down.
  5. Will the police track him down? Or will he find you and do ANYTHING to you?
  6. You'll have to tune in to part three to find out!
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