What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

Eyes are said to be windows to the soul, so what do people think about you when they look into your eyes?

In this quiz, you will discover what people truly think when they look into those sparking gems. Be honest about it!

Created by: BFF
  1. What color are your eyes?
  2. Which line best describes the details of your eyes?
  3. What colors do your eyes have hints of in them?(Think your eyes don't? Look really close.)
  4. What shape are your eyes?
  5. How much eye makeup do you wear?
  6. What face shape do you have?
  7. What color are your lashes?(when you are out in public, meaning if you wear makeup or not)
  8. What color is the rim around your pupil?
  9. Just for fun.....what do you think you'll get???
  10. Have you ever gotten a compliment on your eyes?

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Quiz topic: What Do my Eyes Say About You?