The Gaurdians (part 1)

Welcome to my quiz. sorry guys this is a girls only quiz. next time I'll try and make one for guys. hm.... hm wont let me mention that this is requierd to have one houndred and fifty characters. (in number form)

Ok here are the discriptions of everyone: Selena: Blond hair and light blue eyes Vivian: Black hair and light violet eyes Cici: Brown hair and foggy grey eyes Drew: Brown hair and green eyes Jason: Black hair and black eyes Anthony: Black hair and blue eyes Nicholis: Red hair and ice blue eyes

Created by: Violette of The Traitor
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  1. You're out at the hottest party of the year partying the night away after your boyfriend dumped you. You go to the drink table and you get:
  2. You sit down at a table with your drink so you can cool down after dancing. Some guy with black hair and blue eyes sits down at the table with you. "Hi, I'm Anthony." he says streatching his hand out to shake. "Hi, I'm ____" you reply shaking his hand. You hear a commoion behind you and you turn around just in time to see a girl knee a guy right between the legs. The guy dubbled over in pain and the girl storm past him and left the party.
  3. You turn back around and see Anthony shaking his head. All of a sudden the air in the room seemed to get much warmer like someone turned the heat on. You downed what was left of your drink and noticed it tasted a little diffrent.
  4. "Hey do you want to dance?" Anthony asked. "Sure." you reply and follow him to the dance floor and danced for another hour then you start to feel very sleepy. "Anthony, normaly I wouldnt ask this but do you drive?" you ask. "yeah why?" he asked. "I'm getting tired and I'm thinking that maybe you could give me a lift home." you replied. "sure." Anthony lead you outside to a bright red sports car. You get in the passenger seat and tell him where you live. A few minutes latter you fall asleep while going down the highway.
  5. You wake up in a large room you've never seen before. You feel very groggy and confused, then you remembered what happened last night. "did he drug my drink?" you wounder outloud. You get up and try to leave the room but find the door locked tight from the outside. you sigh and go to the window, you realize you're on the fourth floor of a huge mansion. The window looks out to a large back yard with a swimming pool then a large expanse of woods farther back.
  6. You here voices driffting through an old looking vent on the floor. So you get down on the floor and bring your head closer to the vent to hear better. "I'm sorry but we needed to get her here and that was the only option I had." Anthony said. "Dude you do realize this is kidnapping?!" Someone else asked yelling, it was hard to tell for certain but it sounded like a girl. "Lets stop arguing for now. I'm going to go cheak on her, see if she's awake." Anthony sighed. You quickly got up and sat down on the bed, you didnt want to make it obvious that you were eaves droping.
  7. You hear the sound of a key in a lock and Anthony opens the door and steps inside. "Good your up. Come with me, I know you probably have a bunch of questions but try to hold them untill after we explain. most of them will be answerd then." He said. You nod and follow him out of the room and through a long maze of halls and stairs untill you finaly end up in the dinning room where you see six other people all around your age. There where three guys and three girls. "_____, these are my friends Selena, Vivian, Cici, Drew, Jason, and Nicholis." (see way above for discrptions) Anthony told you motioning to each one of them in turn. You noticed a mouse sitting on Cici's shoulder. Anthony notices you staring at the mouse and explained "oh thats Ginger, she helps Cici out with getting around." You look at Anthony quizicly trying to see if he was joking. "I'm blind." Cici said and you look at her and you relized that this wasnt a joke. "oh..." you mumbled.
  8. Anthony motions for you to sit down at the table and you do. He sits down next to you. "OK, lets start this out short a simple cause this might-" Anthony starts but gets cut off by Jason "You have powers, you're a gaurdian, we are all gaurdians as well." You look at Jason kinda dumbfounded and thinking that this guy is a little crazy. "not the way I was planning on telling her." mumbled Anthony. "what? your the one who basicly kidnapped her." Jason replied. "I was saving her her." Anthony snapped back defensivly. "Oh yeah cause drugging someones drink and bringing them someplace without even asking them is so not kidnaping." Jason snidly said. Anthony and Jason continue like this for another half an hour steadly getting louder and throwing more insults at each other. Finaly your impatients and anger from the fighting finaly bursts out and you slam your fist on the table screaming "STOP THIS!" Right when you did this the wood in the fireplace just burst into flames as if it was soaked in gasoline and someone threw a lit match in there. Everyone just stared at you shocked, well Cici looked in your direction.
  9. "Ok, how did that fire start?" you asked. "You did." Anthony stated. "No I didnt." you said thinking this must be some sort of prank your friends decided to pull on you. "_____, you have powers. The ability to controle and summon fire is one of them. The fire in the fireplace starting when you got mad is proof enough." Selena said. "at least it started in the fireplace in stead of on the table." Jason mutterd to himself. "wait, then this is all real?" you asked. "Yes, this is." Anthony replied. "We had to get you here soon and tell you about this, just we wernt planning it this way." Vivian said. "You acctualy didnt even have a plan." you heard somone mutter but you are not sure who. "it was important that we told you and that we start training you now because there is a group, an evil group who wants to take over the world. It has always been up to the gaurdians to keep the balance of peace between the norms and the ones with power." Cici said. "we realize that this is alot for you to take in righ now but we need to get your training started. Tommarow you will be training with Nicholis to master your wind ability." Anthony told you.
  10. After everything was explained you where allowed to go exploring the place on your own. After wandering lost through the vast maze of hallways you come to a huge libary and enter it. You walk through the libary looking at all the shelves and books not realy looking at anything inparticular. When you reach the back wall of the labary in a somewhat sucluded spot you noticed a thick leather bound book that just stood out from the rest of the collection. you pull the book off of the self to study it and noticed that it was locked wich made you all the more curious as to what was inside it. You set the book back on the shelf and start looking in the area to see if the key was hidden nearby. you noticed a book end that stood out from the rest and tried to pick it up to see if the key was hidden underneath it but it didnt move. as you took your hand away you hit one of the ears and it tipped forward like a switch then the bookshelf and the floor you were standing on started moving and next thing you know your in a room that looks like a study. more bookshelves lined the walls. You go over to the desk that was seated in the middle of the room and looked to see if the key was in one of the drawers. when you where about to open up a third drawer the bookshelf that brought you in there started moving again and your breath cought in your throat.
  11. Cliff hanger. I hope you liked it I'm still pretty new at this so I wouldnt mind any comments telling me I need to fix something.

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