Nice-Not so nice

Nice people are nice, not so nice people are not so nice, and not nice people are, well, not nice! This will affect the amount of friends they have, whether they may get married...

Are you, NICE, NOT SO NICE, OR NOT NICE?? FIND OUT, TAKE THE QUIZ!! This quiz will tell you what will happen to you if you are Nice, Not Nice, or Not Nice!

Created by: Clea of
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  1. Have you ever made someone cry (in an upset way) because of something you did?
  2. Have you ever made someone cry (upset way) because of something you did TO THEM?
  3. Which one of these is the WORST thing you've ever done? (whether it was a joke or not a joke doesnt matter)
  4. How many people have you ever argued or fought with?
  5. Have you ever said "I'm going to kill you" or "I'll kill you" or "I'll kill (him/her/them)"
  6. (if possible get your friend/family to answer this question- if not guess what they would say) Is (person taking the quiz) nice?
  7. (get someone to consider to be a friend to answer this- if not possible ask a family member) Are you (the person who is taking thsi quiz)'s friend
  8. One word to describe yourself is..?
  9. Have you ever thought "I hate that (nasty name for someone)"
  10. Would you kile to be thought of as...?

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