Are You Naughty or Nice?

Are You Naughty or Nice should be a very interesting quiz for you to take. The possible results are Nice, Neither, and Naughty. Rest assured, the answers are very accurate. The insperation for this quiz came from "It's All About Me".I gave credit, so no mean comments please. This is only so you don't have to buy the book to take the quizzes.

So ARE You Naughty or Nice? You'll find out with THIS quiz! Please rate, comment (nicely, with no disrespectful words towards me or any other GTQ users), and don't drink and drive, kids!

Created by: xendocheionology

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  1. Have you ever cut in line?
  2. During a test, you see the smartest kid in the class's answers so you...
  3. When you hear gossip about your very best friend, who do you tell?
  4. Lying is...
  5. The cashier gives you $20s in change to many. You...
  6. Have you ever snuck into a second movie at the theater?
  7. It's Saturday morning. Your unstarted book report is do on Monday. What's your plan?
  8. You just drank a can of soda. What do you do with the empty?
  9. You like your best friends crush. Like, like like LIKE like. What do you do?
  10. Making fun of classmates is...

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Quiz topic: Am I Naughty or Nice?