How nice are you?

Some people claim and/or think they're nice. But in reality, aren't all that nice. There are mean, heartless, evil, and cruel people who do not even know it.

Are you you one of those people or are you nice, sweet, and compassionate? Do you know for sure? Find out here. We've got answers and you got questions and visa-versa.

Created by: kelsox
  1. Are you compassionate? Do you often feel sympathy and empathy for others?
  2. Do wish you could help people less fortunate than you?
  3. Do you think you're nice?
  4. Do put others needs and wants before yourown?
  5. Do you take into consideration when it comes to how someone else might feel before making a decision?
  6. Do you only act nice to people because you care about what they think?
  7. Do people see you as nice, sweet, kind, etc.?
  8. Have ever you donated to charty? Do you want to?
  9. Do you selfless acts?
  10. How do feel about people?
  11. Do insult and/or hurt people who have done nothing wrong/mean/evil?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?