How Nice are You Really

Hello, thanks for clicking on my quiz. Are you ready to learn what kind of person you really are? Are you nice, mean, or both? Get ready to find out in this quiz.

Which one are YOU? Are you the nicest, or the meanest? You will receive one out of five answers. Are you ready to know your terrible fate? Continue to find out.

Created by: Cody McGlaughlin
  1. You are walking down the hallway and the main school bully stops you. He starts teasing you. You:
  2. A classmate is annoyed at another classmate. You ask him/her what's wrong. They tell you to shut up and don't worry about it. You:
  3. Your best friend is dating your crush. You:
  4. You and your friend start to get in an argument. You:
  5. You are waiting for the bus to pick you up after school. When you get on, you see that new kid is sitting in the back by themselves. You:
  6. How do you greet your best friend(s)?
  7. Your friend tells you that they don't want to be your friend anymore. You:
  8. You are driving to school, and you are going across a green life and someone almost T-bones you but misses by about 2 feet. You:
  9. Would you ever work in a school?
  10. Do you care about the headlines?

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