How nice are you?

Most people are nice, but very few people are awesome. Being super nice is, after all, quite exceptional. Super nice people can get a long with quite a few people, but mean people are bullies.

Are you super nice? Are you mean? I don't know know... yet. Take this quiz, it takes a few minutes, and at the end you will see if you are nice. Save your self the guess work! Take this quiz now!

Created by: penne12
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Someone stole a dollar from you. You...
  3. The rest of this quiz is true or false, you show empathy for others.
  4. You don't intentionally hurt others
  5. You go out of your way to do something for other people.
  6. You give your time for things that don't help you
  7. You're polite, kind and understanding when dealing with others
  8. You don't wish ill-will on others
  9. You forgive those who harm you.
  10. You are always honest
  11. You like to share.
  12. You constantly strive to be better.

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?