Are You A Hater Or A Lover?

My quiz is all about whether you can easily forgive people, and are nice, whether you can sort of forgive people and are usually nice, or whether you are mostly rude, and don easily forgive.

The questions you will take in this quiz will help you determine whether you are a hater, a lover, or in between. If you want to find out, take this awesome and true quiz!

Created by: Alicia Taylor

  1. Your little cousin locks you out of your phone, you
  2. Your best friend dumps you for the girl who stole her lunch, you
  3. Your crush falls for your best friend, you
  4. Your mom and dad are going to divorce, you
  5. Your younger sister goes joyriding with reckless boys, you
  6. Your basketball team lost the game winning shot, you
  7. The lunch lady refuses to give you her signature mashed potatoes, you
  8. You fail history, your best class! You
  9. Your favorite soccer team is sucking today. Really bad! You
  10. Your little brother spills grape juice all over your favorite shirt,your laptop, and your phone! You
  11. Dominique, your BFF, rips your designer coat. On purpose! You

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Quiz topic: Am I A Hater Or A Lover?