Will you be a nice parent or a mean parent?

There is many nice parents, some mean parents, are you wondering which you will be? Well I hope you are nice! No kid likes a mean old witch as a mom/dad!

Are YOU nice? Being nice is GOOD! Do you give them lollipops and suckers? Or do you give them raw liver and spinach? Hmm...well, here you will find out which one is you!

Created by: 1JBieber

  1. Between these ages when do you want your first child?
  2. Your having a set of triplet girls, what do you name them?
  3. What is their chore list?
  4. How would you talk to them if they did something really bad?
  5. Who's the cook of the family?
  6. How many meals would you serve your kid a day?
  7. Do you allow them to socialize with other kids in their free time?
  8. Do you allow them to go play at the park or outside?
  9. What is the house rules list?
  10. Would you ever call your kids names?
  11. What's the worst thing you could do to them?
  12. Are you nice to your kids if you have them?
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Will I be a nice parent or a mean parent?