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When Alana Marie Carter's dad died from an explosion at the Expo Center, she has been having flashbacks and dreams ever since. Her best friend Jaxon helps her chill off and let go of her father.

After Jaxon thinks everything through, he made the conclusion that he could still be alive. They set off a risk-taking journey to Honolulu, Hawaii where Jaxon believes Alana's father has been hiding for the past eight years.

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  1. "The firemen are continuing to pull out more and more dead bodies from last nights incident at the Expo Center. Just 12 minutes ago they found a living man under the remains of the building who seems to be completely unharmed from the explosion. It is indeed a miracle for one to survive such a blast. Now back to you Bob," Said Georgia, the news reporter on channel 6.
  2. "Mommy wasn't daddy working at the Expo Center last night?" I asked. Mom stared at me for a long period of time trying not to let it out, but the tears begun pouring from her eyes like a waterfall. I remember her fainting to the ground, "Mommy?" I asked. "MOMMY!" I cried and cried and fell asleep on the ground next to mommy. Daisy, our maid, woke us up and brought us up to our bedrooms in the middle of the night. "Daisy?" I asked. "Yes, baby," She replied. "I'm going to miss him ya know." "Stay strong Alana," She whispered. "Stay strong.."
  3. Before I fell asleep that night I found myself leaning by the bed to pray. I hadn't done it in a while, so I didn't know what to say. "God, take care of my daddy for me, ok? He's a good man ya know, never did no harm, couldn't kill a fly. I believe you'll watch over him. And please tell him i'll see him one day and I shall never forget about him. Amen." I curled up in bed and hoped for the best.
  4. "Were gathered here today in honor of Jack Carter, a preacher, and Expo Center worker, a strong man, but most importantly, were here to honor a best friend." Said the preacher at daddy's funeral. Everyone was crying and placed flowers on his grave. People got up to the stand and talked about him. We sang songs and held hands of one another. People we didn't even know came to the funeral to pay their respect.
  5. (SEVEN YEARS LATER) "Daddy? Is that you?" I ask. "Yes baby, come to heaven with me." "I-I cant." "Yes, just just light your house on fire. Send you and mama here with me." "Dad, it's been 7 years since I last seen you, don't you think I should forget about you? Wait, someday I'll be there with you." "Alana, listen to your daddy. Daddy misses you, and daddy knows best." "No, dad." "Oh well, I guess I'll do it for you." *Daddy lights the house on fire* "Burn in hell, Alana. Burn in hell."
  6. "AHHHHHHHH!!" I scream. "Alana, Alana wake up!" Yelled Jaxon, shaking me. I opened my eyes fast, breathing hard. "Are you ok?" He asked. "Ya, just another flash-back." "Alana, breathe. Let loose. You have to forget about your father some day, Alana. And that day is today." "I try to, Jax! And you know it. I'm just scared that I'll die the way he did, I mean, don't you think I deserve to live at least as long as he did?" "Yes." "Ok then." "Whatever, Alana. Just take a chill pill, you don't need to be cautious about everything." "Whatever."
  7. Jaxon has dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He's been my best friend since I can't remember when. Yes, we fight a lot, and he can be a jerk, but you learn from your mistakes. And my biggest mistake is not listening to Jax, him always telling me to forget about my dad. Well you know what? My love for my father is everlasting, I will let him go, but he shall always be in my heart. I glance over at Jax. "Can you help me?" I whisper, needing help on a math problem. "Sure?" He replied. "Whats the answer to question 19?" "I cant tell you! Its a test." "C'mon!" "Fine, it's C." "Thanks." I circle the answer and throw him a sweet smile. He smiles back.
  8. The bells rings, releasing us to our 8th period. At that time I have reading class which I also have with Jax. We walk through the hallway together to our next class, not saying a word to each other. Sitting down in my chair, her slips a sheet of paper in my desk. I reach in and pull it out. It read: Dear Alana, I really not know how to say this. But, do you want to go to prom with me? Not like together, but like, as friends? -Much Love, Jax I fold up the paper and place it in my back pocket. I look over at Jaxon and shake my head, indicating I wanted to go. He tosses me an innocent smile and turns around and says "YES!!" The prom was TONIGHT 8:00 p.m. Yikessss! The bell rang once more and school was over for the day. I immediately called my mother to pick me up, we then went shopping for a dress.
  9. I ended up buying this dark turquoise dress that reaches down to my knees with ruffles at the chest and sparkles allover along with black high heals. I got my hair curled for the first time-It actually turned out good. I hear a knocking at the door. "Who is it?" Asks Daisy. "Uhh, Jaxon," He replied. "Oh," Daisy opened the door, "She'll be ready in a few." I open my bedroom door and begin slowly walking down the stairs-Mama says It's more "romantic" like that. "Wow, you look beautiful," Jaxon said. "Thanks," I replied. He opened my car door and closed it once I got in-What a gentleman. "HAVE FUN! BUT NOT TOO MUCH FUN!" Mom yelled, standing at the doorway as we drove off the driveway.
  10. (AT THE PROM) I lean back on a counter while chatting with Jaxon about him wanting to join military school. He gives me a look like Im crazy or something, "Alana, your hair," He said. I looked back and sparks of fire scrolled up my hair like nothing. I started breathing hard and everything got dizzy and the last thing I remember was falling. "Alana, you up?" Said Jax. I opened my eyes to see Jaxon in my face, his eyes opened wide, scared. "You ok?" He asked. "Yes, where am I?" "I put out the fire and brought you home. I had to cut your hair a little to make it even." "Thanks. Hey I had a dream." "Oh my god." "No, it was different. It was of my hanging myself, I don't know why." "Oh my god." "Ya, It was scary." "Oh my god." "Can you stop saying that!" "Ok, ok."
  11. "Alana, what if your dad isn't dead," Said Jax. "Dont be silly," I reply. "I'm not, remember there was one guy who lived?" "If he was him, he would've came back home." "Not necessarily. He always said how he wasn't "good enough" for your family. How we was only holding you guys down and putting you in doubt. Maybe he left so you guys wouldn't have to do deal with it." "Jaxon, if this is true, where do we start? I don't know where he could've gone!" "I do. Go pack a bag, were going to Hawaii." So I run upstairs and pack a bag with as much things as I can, mostly clothes and some food.

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