The Tuck Everlasting Quiz

my quiz is actually just for the heck of it.Really!It really does not matter how smart you are,it just matters on how much fun you have playing my quiz.

Are you going to master my quiz?I ask that because 'my quiz is super simple!All it is is questions from the BOOK (not the movie)'Tuck Everlasting'.So I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Soren/Gylfie

  1. Who is the author of 'Tuck Everlasting'?
  2. Who is the MAIN character?
  3. What animal does Winnie talk to in the beginning?
  4. Winnie meets Miles at the spring.True or False?
  5. If you said FALSE to #4,Who did Winnie meet at the spring?
  6. Who took Winnie fishing?
  7. Did Winnie...w/the Tucks?
  8. Why did Mae kill the man in yellow suit?
  9. Who saved Mae from being hanged?
  10. Did Winnie drink from the spring?

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