Create A Name For Yourself!

This is more than a quiz about your personality. This is a top secret quiz, and if you happen to come across it, you have no idea how lucky you are. You have just stumbled upon an everlasting legend, a legend of numerous Chosen Ones, one of which may be you.

If you are not a Chosen One, however, you can still find out which one you are most like. This will guide you to finding the true meanings of your dreams, ambitions, and even your very own secret worlds. Please do not use any of the confidential information in this quiz to your own benefit in fame. Please do not share any of this information with others, although you are more than welcome to let your own mind wander. Get ready to enter a world of adventure, a world that you will never forget.

Created by: aurora7
  1. Your favorite subject is:
  2. Your preferred hair color is:
  3. If you were in a fantasy, you would like to ride:
  4. Your preferred eye color is:
  5. Your gender of choice is:
  6. Your favorite color:
  7. Describe yourself:
  8. How do you feel about war?
  9. To destroy evil, you:
  10. You have two mythological pets. You name them:

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Quiz topic: Create A Name For myself!