The Lana Quizzicle

I don't know what the hell this mess is. Don't ask. :P Just take. And look out for the trick from the question that says Death Note!!!!! all the way down till the end. HINT: 5TH SLOT

Are you smart enough to actually read this description? If you are, you noticed that I gave you the answers for half of the quiz. Ha... If not, enjoy being frustrated at the end. xD I honestly DON'T KNOW.

Created by: Alana

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  1. I have NO idea why I'm wasting my time with this, okie?
  2. The score means nothing, it's just some numbers. ^^ Most numbers look freaking kewl if you turn them to the right or left 90 degrees. But there must be 2 or more numbers.
  3. You can score higher by choosing the answers I would most likely put down.
  4. *Sniffle* I think I just... broke up with myself... Damn it... D': I can't live no more. (See 'a journey into the recesses of my mind' on offbeat to understand this madness)
  5. Don't complain to me about your burnt toast, or your burnt down house. It's Devin's fault. ('Lana :O' on offbeat)
  6. Yes, folks, I do even have a sad happy dance for when I'm sad but feel I need to do a happy dance. Make sense?
  7. When I say L, you say...
  8. Well, this has been fun but...
  9. Did you catch the trick in the previous question?

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