How Well Do You Know Brand New?

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Brand New is an amazing rock/alternative band that I've been listening to since I've been capable of turning a radio dial. Their music is great and easy to relate to.

How much do you know about Brand New? They've been around for a while, so surely you've heard of them... It's time to test your knowledge. Go forth, lovely beings, and measure your wits.

Created by: Alana
  1. In what year was Brand New formed?
  2. Where is Brand New from?
  3. Who is their drummer?
  4. Vocalist/guitarist/lyricist?
  5. Other vocalist/guitarist/lyricist?
  6. Guitarist/keyboardist?
  7. Who is their bassist?
  8. In the late 1990s, Jesse Lacey, Garrett Tierney, and Brian Lane were all part of what band?
  9. Where was Brand New formed?
  10. What number on the Billboard 200 did their fourth album, Daisy, reach when it was released in 2009?
  11. In 2003, which album did the band release?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Brand New?