Psyren PSI Type

You have gotten your hands on one of the red calling cards, and you have reached the turning point. To use it or not. Be it the lure of money, adventure, curiosity not, you decide to place the call...

Greetings! Your world is now co-nec-ted! You've reached the immigration Offices of Psyren. We will now commence the immigration examination. Please answer the following questions. Each question has two choices. If your answer is yes, please dial one. If your answer is no, please dial two.

Created by: Greycat

  1. Are you worried about the future of your country?
  2. Have you ever suffered a brain injury or been diagnosed with a serious illness?
  3. Do you have chronic difficulty breathing or have you ever felt that your planet's atmosphere is difficult to breathe in?
  4. Have you ever dreamed of talking sheep?
  5. Do you believe there is life in outer space?
  6. Even if you couldn't communicate verbally, you could get your thoughts across.
  7. You are effective at reading the atmosphere of a conversation.
  8. Have you ever bleed abnormally coloured blood?
  9. Do you bruise easily?
  10. Do you prefer a mountain retreat over a village surrounded by trees?
  11. Have you close friends?
  12. Have you ever killed anything larger than a mouse?
  13. Have you ever killed anything as large as or larger than a human?
  14. Have you ever ran out in minimal clothing in the snow?
  15. Have you ever poured water hotter than 80 degrees Celsius on your face?
  16. Do you try to pull the can just out of your reach on the shelf towards your fingers?
  17. You start with your limb rather than your torso when you bath.
  18. Do you like spicy foods?
  19. You enjoy listening to silence.
  20. Thought, not impulse
  21. Intuition, not logic
  22. Are you satisfied with your life?
  23. Do you give into violent impulses?
  24. Do you get lost in your thoughts?
  25. Are your impulses stronger than your common sense?
  26. Do you care about others?
  27. Are other people real to you?
  28. The world is subjective.
  29. You can always reach higher.
  30. You want to know what comes around the corner
  31. Sometimes, you just have to vent
  32. It is always better to do.
  33. Your solution depends on others.
  34. You think you are weak
  35. You know you can change that.
  36. You worry about society.
  37. You worry about yourself.
  38. The world is objective
  39. Do you think about the future a lot?
  40. Do you think about the past often?
  41. Do you find curiosity annoying?
  42. Do you hate the sound of some people's voice?
  43. Is your current life an annoyance to you?
  44. Are these questions frustrating you?
  45. Would it confuse you if I offered pie?
  46. Do you want pie?
  47. Do you want to go to PSYREN?

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