Wheres your favorite place to shop at

Do you know your sense of style? Fashion And accessories? Do You know your brands and good value stores? Well find out know and take my quiz you know u wanna

Play and show your wild colors show off your high brand knowledge and shock people with you fashion sense and great taste if your brand worthy? find out know

Created by: Monica

  1. Do you shop at Wal-mart Old navy Burlington coat factory The mall Ross Or TJ Maxx
  2. Do you wear short shorts and or mini skirt?
  3. Where do does half your wardrobe come from?
  4. Do you wear bright light of perhaps any good mood colors
  5. Do you think wal- marts cheap and tacky
  6. What do you wear most Jeans and a blouse Skit and a top Dresses Of mini/short skirt/pants
  7. Do you wear lots of make- up?
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. What do you use on your hair?
  10. Would you say your fat skinny or normal (no offense) it's ok don't lie you can tell me Its not like I know you
  11. What would you say your style is?
  12. How do you accessorize with?
  13. Is your small dog (if you have one) your accessory

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Quiz topic: Wheres my favorite place to shop at