which maximum ride character are you?

if you've read james Paterson's MAXIMUM RIDE there will be one charter you absolutely love, but are you anything like them? if you haven't read them go buy them!!!!

so what character are YOU? do you have what it takes to be max and save the world? or are you like angle? give it a few minuets, take my quiz, and find out!!!

Created by: esd123

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you do if you had to save the world?
  2. you have a voice in your head. do you trust it?
  3. you find out one of the flock is a traitor, you:
  4. do you keep a talking dog?
  5. you realize you have feelings for some one in your flock:
  6. evil scientists are going to dissect your brain!
  7. your power is....
  8. who do you think you'll be?
  9. you see a dog its holding a gun and speaking german, so you:
  10. ok.... last quesgen! (i cant spell sry!!!) what do you think of this quiz???? give your honest opinion........... but if you hate it i may sneak in your room and stick a pillow over ur face till you stop kicking.... jk!!! lol! ;)

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Quiz topic: Which maximum ride character am I?