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A lot of people have read the Maximum Ride series. But few remember all of the little details from the fifth book, MAX, and I have put those little details, and some of the main ideas, into this quiz. So, be prepared for the HARDEST (or not) Maximum Ride quiz you ever took!

Do YOU remember all of the little details from MAX? Do you remember what chapter Max and Fang had their first official date or what state Angel said they could get married in? Well, now you can test your memory in this, Maximum Ride: MAX ULTIMATE Quiz!

Created by: faxness201
  1. Easy: What does "CSM" stand for?
  2. Easy: Who is the new enemy in this book?
  3. Easy: What ability do Max and Fang obtain sometime in the middle of the book?
  4. Medium: What show does Nudge want to go on in the beginning of the book?
  5. Medium: Max said she was thinking about six things in chapter 6. Three of these things were the same. What was it?
  6. Medium: What state does Angel say Max and Fang could get married in?
  7. Hard: What does Nudge tell Steve and Sharon her name is?
  8. Hard: What chapter do Max and Fang have their first official date?
  9. Hard: What does Gazzy get stung by?
  10. What did you think of this quiz? Was it truly ULTIMATE?

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