Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever ULTIMATE Quiz

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A lot of people have read the Maximum Ride series. But few remember all of the little details from the second book, School's Out- Forever, and I have put those little details, and some of the main ideas, into this quiz. So, be prepared for the HARDEST (or not) Maximum Ride quiz you ever took!

Do YOU remember all the little details from School's Out Forever? Like, what J.J.'s name is, or what chapter Fang and the Red-Haired Wonder kissed? Well, now you can test your memory in this, Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever ULTIMATE Quiz!

Created by: faxness201
  1. (Easy) What is the name of the FBI agent who takes the flock in?
  2. (Easy) What does Gazzy say his name is in the interview?
  3. (Easy) What game does Angel and her friends play during recess?
  4. (Medium) What is Max's friend, J.J., full name?
  5. (Medium) What is the Red-Haired Wonder's name?
  6. (Medium) What does Max call Principal Pruitt?
  7. (Hard) In the end, after the battle between Maxes, who has a bloody nose?
  8. (Hard) What chapter does Fang and the Red-Haired Wonder kiss?
  9. (Hard) What's Iggy's real name?
  10. (Random) Why did Iggy come back to the flock after finding his parents?

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