Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment ULTIMATE Quiz

A lot of people have read the Maximum Ride series. But few remember all of the little details from the first book, The Angel Experiment, and I have put those little details, and some of the main ideas, into this quiz. So, be prepared for the HARDEST (or not) Maximum Ride quiz you ever took!

Do YOU remember all of the little details from the Angel Experiment, like I do? Do you remember where the Institute was, or where Dr. Martinez and Ella lived? Well, now you can test your memory in this, Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment ULTIMATE Quiz!

Created by: faxness201
  1. Easy: What is Nudge's power?
  2. Easy: Who was kidnapped?
  3. Easy: How old is the Gasman (Gazzy)?
  4. Easy: Where is the Institute?
  5. Medium: What is Part Four called?
  6. Medium: What color is the sweatshirt Ella and Dr. Martinez give Max?
  7. Medium: Where do Ella and Dr.Martinez live?
  8. Hard: What is Max's favorite institute?
  9. REALLY Hard: What chapter does the Voice first communicate with Max?
  10. Is this the best Maximum Ride quiz or what?!?!?!

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