A Romantic Hogwarts Story Character Contest!

Hi! I have some very exciting news! I'm having a character contest for my series! This quiz will have all of the details. If you have any questions, please email me or comment them below! Thank you and Good luck!

Thank you guys for supporting me! I will need a lot of characters because I have some really good ideas. I figured, why don't you guys do it? Be creative and maybe you might win! Good luck!

Created by: HarryPotter_1D

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  1. Hey guys! It's me HarryPotter_1D! I'm making this to let you guys know that I'm having a character contest! I know it's a little early in my series, but in order to continue I really need your help. I wanted to create characters for it, but I realized that maybe you guys should. Are you in?
  2. First of all, you can have up to two characters. I'll have a few winners. You're character can be either a girl or a boy. They have to be at least 11, but still have to be in school. I have this idea about how "you" have been to 2 other schools before you go to Hogwarts. There's one in Australia, where you went for you're first year. There's also one in America, where you go for you're second year. If you're entering the contest, you need to say what country "you" met the person in. You can also enter names for the school in America or Australia, because I need a name for them too.
  3. If you're character is Australian, they must be a mer-person. The school that you went to in Australia is a merpeople school. You're character can be a mermaid, a merman, or a siren. (A siren is a type of mermaid that lures sailors to their deaths by singing.) You have to say what power they have. They can only have one power. They can heat up water, freeze water, move water, or turn water into jelly and harden it.
  4. If you're character is from America, you can choose whether or not they will be a mermaid, merman, or a siren. They can have up to two powers if they are. You can make a group of people, such as a really popular group or a music group. The maximum is 6 people per group.
  5. If you're character is from Hogwarts, you need to say what house that they're in. You also need to say how "you" know them. You're character can also be a mermaid, merman, or a siren. They can have up to two powers.
  6. No matter where you're character is from, you have to describe their personalities and what they look like. You also have to say what year that your character is in and their names(obviously) You can make up to two individual characters and two groups.
  7. If you're doing a group, have have to describe what the group is like. You also have to say who's the "leader" and who the cronies are. You don't have to describe them individually, just the group as a whole. I forgot to mention before that your group can also be from Australia.
  8. If you want to do both of them, you can have 1 group and 1 individual person. You can do just the individuals or just the groups. As long as you describe the groups and/or the individuals, it'll be acceptable.
  9. The contest ends on August 24. Be creative! I need a lot of characters, so there will be a few winners. I'll tell you why. Here's a sneak peak. You end up going to the Black Lake again. You swim to the bottom of the lake and find a door. You open it and you see people who you haven't seen before..... Well, that's all I'm telling you for now! You'll have to read my series in order to find out what happens next!
  10. You can enter the contest by commenting or by email. I will check the comments for any entries. My email is janellehaffery @ yahoo(.)com withot the spaces and parenthesis. (Wow, I seem really pushy right now.....) Thank you so much for supporting me and good luck!

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