Shoutouts to all My Favorite Gotoquiz people! :)

These are shoutouts to my favorite gotoquiz people, people who think are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, creative and so cool! (there is a shoutout to people I hate)

:3 So erm, how are you? I hope you're fine, NOT in a bad mood...and I hope you're NOT going to put a bad comment in this quiz because you weren't given a shoutout...

Created by: Br0wnies

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  1. Fiery_soul You are so creative, I really do enjoy your quizzes! How do you come up with such amazing ideas for a quiz? You have to tell me! Please? :3
  2. rvelez Thank you so much for giving nice feedback and showing much appreciation on my quizzes, you are such a nice person and I'm so grateful for your support.
  3. (Shoutout to a people I hate) SmartyPants7997 simonaunicorn and mimimoose you are such hateful people, thinking you can leave nasty comments on people's quizzes just to make them feel bad.
  4. DaughterofApollo Thank you so much for taking a bunch of my quizzes. I bet my quizzes will never be as good as your quizzes, though.
  5. bravogrl I love your series "(the best) one direction love story:)"! It's super creative!!
  6. The rest of these questions don't count.
  7. So are you today? (pick a face on your mood)
  8. Does anyone else read the warrior cats book series?
  9. I have a fat cat in real life named Chloe. :3 No really, I'm serious. She's black and white and loves to eat.
  10. Bye.

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