Just a touch Part 2 (Gale )

So heres the story from gales point of view. Its not completely like the first one you read. Plus there are many secrets revealed! Spoiler: Guess who gale use to like! It rhymes thirty! you guess it! Taco! lol I'm weird.

Things about me: Favorite color: Green and Black! Food: Sushi! Movie: Anything horror! Band:Evanescence Hate: BACON! Favorite site:Youtube/gotoquiz Name: Marie

Created by: bobthecorndog
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  1. I got in my car to pickup my best friend Bob. Her actual name is Birdie but she prefers Bob for some reason. Then again, Birdie is an ridiculous name. I use to like Birdie. Like,a lot. But she wasn't interested... Anyways now i have a girlfriend, Piper, and she's the nicest most beautiful girl I've ever met. Other than- Never mind. When Bob opened the door I couldn't help but laugh. Her hair was such a complete disaster! "Nice hair" i said. She grabbed a mirror out of her bag. "Who took advantage of me last night!"She said jokingly. The thing about Bob was she always knew how to make me smile. When we got to School Piper was the waiting for us. I kissed her and she gave Bob a friendly hug. They always get along pretty well.
  2. We all sat at the Breakfast table when "She" walked in. She was so hot! Okay, so maybe that's bad to say when I have a girlfriend but it was true... Piper obviously saw me staring because she elbowed me hard in my stomach. Okay i deserved that... She sat right at our table next to Bob. Obviously she was trying flirt with. No one can resist the "Gale Charm". "Sorry, I'm taken." I said. "Uh, cool." she said. I could see Bob holding back a laugh. Then Bob started talking to her. (Her name is Gabrielle. She kept cutting me and piper of the whole time. We finally gave up and just sat there the rest of the time saying nothing. Then Bob asked me about this cresent on her arm. “Yeah nice job, you sure know how to use a sharpie” O said grinning. I was obviously just a sharpie drawing. Bob isn't exactly the greatest actress.
  3. The next day I met up with Piper at school. She smiled at me and came over. "Hey, Babe!" She said brightly. "Hey." I said hugging her. "Is Gabrielle here today?" She asked. Why does she even care about her? We didn't get to even talk to her because she was so interested in Bob. "Uh, haven't seen-" I started. "Do you like her?" she asked me. "Huh?" I said confused. Why would she think that? Is she still mad at me for staring at Gabrielle? "Do you want to break up with me?!" she yelled. "No, I, what are you talking about?!" I yelled back. "Well if thats how you feel maybe we should break up!" she yelled and stormed away. I just stood there completely confused. Did she just break up with me? Or did I break up with her? Did we even break up? I really wasnt sure what to do next. So I just smiled.
  4. I guess I wasn't really mad about the whole break up thing. Maybe we weren't meant for each other. That didn't matter anyways. Now a have Gabrielle to look forward to. Even though she really didn't pay attention to me anyone could tell she liked me. I just wish i could find her... I saw Birdie come out of the bathroom. She looked like she was in pain and she had fear in her eyes. Maybe she got beat up? Doubt it. Nobody would dare mess with her. "hey bob you okay?" I said but she didn't turn back. Weird... I talk to her in math class. Speaking of math I think we have a test... :(
  5. I saw Birdie while walking to math class. I manged to catch up with her. "Hey,Bob you okay?" I said. "I fine" she said continuing to walk. "You didn't look fine when you ran out of the bathroom..." I murmured. "I SAID IM FINE!" she yelled then pushed me into the locker beside us. I hit my elbow hard on the locker. I hurried to get my stuff of the ground hoping no one saw that. i was wrong. They did. And they laugh at me... I looked around to see were Birdie was. She kept walking as if nothing happened. I could hear people laughing around me "Gale just got beat up by a girl!" I hear some one say.
  6. I heard the bell ring. I was late for class. Eh I don't like math that much anyways so i might as well skip. I went into the bathroom to hide. After about 30 minuets I got bored and decided that math would be more interesting than this. I started walking to math when some little emo punk ran into me knocking all of my stuff out of my hands. "Oh your gonna get emo b----!" I yelled I was still pissed of from earlier. He turned around and smiled at me "oopsies!" then continued running. I ran after him as fast as I could. I am not in the mood for games. He ran into my math class were birdie seemed to be knocked out on her desk. What happened?! "Damn it!" he said.He when over to Birdie and slapped her in the face. This made me furious. I tattled the emo dude to the ground and punched him in the face. all he did is laugh. Then he kicked me of of him and I went flying into the wall. He rushed over to Birdie. "Wake up!" He screamed. The classroom was now full of security guards and staff around the school trying to get this guy away from Birdie. "God damn it I'm to late!" he yelled "This your !" he said pointing at me. He started to come towards me but before he could he was violently pulled away by a security guard. I just layed on the floor in shock of what had just happened. I finally got up and went to check on Birdie.
  7. A lot of things happened after that. lets see, where to begin. 1. The emo guy (Chris) was tasered and it was hilarious. 2. The police came and took him home 3. An ambulance came and took me and Birdie to the hospital. 4. Me and Chris got suspended 5. Birdie still hasn't woken up... O.O
  8. I was at home when I got a call saying the couldn't find a pulse on birdie...
  9. To Be continued...
  10. Okay Thanks for taking the quiz! Here are the results you can choose from! No picture of Chris yet sorry!

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