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  • Awh, I was the first shoutout. I feel special. :3 Thanks! :D

    Anyway, I get my ideas when people, songs, places, or anything else inspires me. Also, I tend to overthink things. :P It takes me forever to get to sleep at night because my brain never, and I mean NEVER shuts up. Then I usually have weird dreams which also inspire story ideas. So yeah. xP

  • Awe, thank you :). To be honest, when I take quizzes, I never know who they're from. But once when I find out that some of them are from you, I think "Oh, this'll be a good quiz." And I'm right. :P.

  • Yes these types of shout outs are good. They make people feel soooooooooooo special. (Sarcasm very much intended.)

  • I think these kind of shout outs are good. It makes people feel special :3

  • You have a fat cat named chloe XD
    Chloe is my name XD


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