Are you really TRULY insane?

There are lots of normal people, but few to LOTS of people who are going insane throughout the Earth. I dearly hope that you are not one of the insane people.

Are you insane? I hope not. *prays* (please don't be insane!) Are you bird-brained? not cautious? If you are, please oh please don't hurt me! (trying not to offend you)

Created by: Vira Dash
  1. Would you ever jump of a cliff? xD
  2. If you really need to pee and you are stuck in wilderness, what would you do? :3
  3. Are you cautious of your actions? (boy I sure hope so because no one wants to be hurt unless you're going insane O_O)
  4. What color is your hair? x3
  5. Are unicorns real? :D
  6. Let's do some role-playing! :)
  7. Someone has fallen! Do you help them up? :O
  8. You are at a party and a fight breaks out! How do you respond? *0*
  9. Karate Chop! Take that! >:)
  10. The test is over! Bye! :(

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Quiz topic: Am I really TRULY insane?