Are you In-sane?

You may thinl you're insane, but take this quiz and find out! Wait... are you actually reading this? You're not gonna take take the quiz are you? DON'T DO IT!

Ahem, sorry about that. That was my paranoide-self talking. Now, this quiz will test the ins and outs of your insanity, or if you're even insane at all.

Created by: Wayne

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  1. Did the "-" between "In" & "Sane" bother you?
  2. You do here voices in your head, you do?
  3. and insane I so am you. are
  4. Do the voices in your head tell you what to do?
  5. Did the three "Yeses" in the last question bother you?
  6. Do you do what the voices in your head tell you?
  7. Do enjoy watching things die?
  8. Do you have savage dreams?
  9. Have you purposly checked "yes" to every question to make sure you're insane.
  10. Do you think yourself normal, and everyone who calls you insane, you think are insane.
  11. Die is on your list of things to do before you kick the bucket.
  12. Have you gotten kicked out of your "Happy Place?"
  13. "Birdie-1 to Mouse-click, the Earwax has landed."
  14. Killing yourself counts as homicide because you arne't the only living thing in you.
  15. You think people actually mean it when they say, "Try to hit a birdie." on the golf course.
  16. You tried to program your computer to have conversations with you, then it yelled at you because you did it wrong.
  17. Have all the spelling errors bugged you?
  18. You lock your door at night so that Zombies, Vampires, and Ghosts have to knock first.
  19. If you go to a play and the characters don't break a leg, you do it for them.
  20. When you go to chinese resturants, you open every single fortune cookie until you find one you like.
  21. You dream of one day destroying humanity.
  22. Do you do everything in your power to prove someone wrong?
  23. Scroll this page up and down and find. the hidden dots in this question..
  24. Select any memory from your past life and pretend it happed in your current life. Does the event effect your future life and past life at the same time?
  25. What does "Surf the Web" mean?
  26. What percent level of insane are you?
  27. Are you nervous to see your results?
  28. Are you sure?
  29. Really, REALLY sure?
  30. Ok, just answer one last question.
  31. I won't keep you any longer, just click "See Results."

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