How Sane Are You?

This little 10 question psychological evaluation tool was developed by a team of leading leaveners at the Institute for Better Breadbaking. Take it to see how sane you REALLY are.

It's very important that questions be answered honestly and accurately, as the test was designed to detect attempts to prove you're really sane (when you're not).

Created by: Michael
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  1. You're alone, driving in your car. What do you do with the radio?
  2. The faucet in your kitchen sink has a steady, three second drip. You deal with this by:
  3. At Christmastime, you drive past a cow standing in a field. You:
  4. You heat something in your microwave for 60 seconds. During this time you:
  5. You're stopped at a RR crossing as a train passes by. You:
  6. After walking past two people in a mall, you hear them laughing. You:
  7. You start to leave your house to get the mail, but notice two neighbors chatting near your mailbox. You:
  8. You walk into the grocery store and are greeted by someone giving out free samples of spinnach quiche: You:
  9. News of a serial bank robber airs on the local news. You:
  10. You walk past a coworker who greets you with "Workin' hard or hardly workin?" You.

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Quiz topic: How Sane am I?