How crazy are you?

Do you know if you are crazy or not? Need someone to tell you? Fear not, this quiz will tell you what category of crazy you belong to. Find out if you are sane enough to coexist with society.

Sure, there are days when you feel a little crazy. How much is too much though? Take this quiz and find out what level of crazy you are, and where you belong,from the nut ward to prison or if you qualify to be sane enough to make it on your own.

Created by: emily

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  1. You pull in to go through the drive-thru of a bank when someone cuts you off taking your spot. You:
  2. You are at a bar getting drunk with some friends when one of them dares you to talk to a guy/girl. You walk up and say/do:
  3. Your house is on fire! You:
  4. You are on a camping trip with friends and it is nighttime. Suddenly, there is a bear in your campground. Your friends start running and you:
  5. You are walking home alone and notice someone following you.What do you do:
  6. You see an old lady fall, you:
  7. You are at work and your boss asks you to stay late. You reply:
  8. You take your dog for a walk in the park and sit down beside a stranger on a bench. They ask "What kind of dog is that?" you:
  9. It's xmas again, what do you buy for your bf/gf?
  10. You are standing in line waiting to order at a fast food joint.The person in front of you is taking forever and you are becoming impatient. You show this how?:
  11. You are at the swimming pool on a float when someone turns it over playfully. You:

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?