Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?!?

The Crazy Cat Lady: Someone to be avoided, an extreme lover of cats, and just a bit crazy. The Crazy Cat Lady IS a total stereotype, (and possibly also a legend) but that doesn't mean you don't have a bit (or a lot!) of her in you!

Are you a crazy cat lady? You very well could be. Almost everyone has a bit of her lying deep inside them, and this quiz will answer that question for you. After all, it would be worth it to know! That way, if your you-know-who ever asks you, "You're not by any chance--a crazy cat lady, are you?" You can say "Yes!", "NO!", "Maybe so...", or "I inherited it!"

Created by: amazon of Cakelynn's Ramblings
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. As far as people go and besides you, who lives with you?
  2. Animal of choice?
  3. How many cats do you have in your household?
  4. How are you in regardance to shyness/avoidance of people?
  5. How well-known are you in general, with the exception of family?
  6. How often do you go to parties?
  7. What is your problem?
  8. Think you have a hint of any of these mental illnesses?
  9. As far as friends go?
  10. What are you thinking/feeling right now?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Crazy Cat Lady?!?