How Crazy Are You?

Crazy is a word often used. But there are many different levels of craziness out there. Where you fall on the crazy scale tells people a lot about the type of person you are.

How crazy are YOU? Are you frightened by the crazies around you, or are you the one doing all the frightening. Take this short quiz to find out exactly what percentage of crazy your are. Good luck!

Created by: Jenn of The New Caleb Nation
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  1. You see two people on the street arguing in a very heated way. You...
  2. You have overslept and are going to be 2 hours late for work! You call and tell your boss...
  3. While stopped at a red light you are caught singing in your car--full hand movements and all-- by the guy in the next car. You?
  4. You deside to make a nice sauce for dinner. Unfortunatly you put 3 times the amount of salt necessary. You?
  5. Your favorite color is?
  6. You thought that last question was?
  7. Your boyfriend breaks up with you? You are heartbroken. The first thing you do is?
  8. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  9. Your friend has cut her hair in a most unflattering way. She asks you what you think. You say...
  10. You see a quiz that asks, "How Crazy Are You?" You...

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Quiz topic: How Crazy am I?