Which editor are you?

America Needs A Lollipop is run by three people. Allison, Zea, and Rebekkah. They write a lot of the material and run the behind the scenes stuff. Allison, half insane half sane, Zea, mostly sane, and Rebekkah, completly insane. Three very different people. so the question remains. which one are you most like?

Are like Allison? Like Zea? Or like Rebekkah? this quiz will tell you! (And if it doesn't don't sue us.) so go fourth, and take the quiz, remember we know where you sleep. (Well some of you.)

Created by: America Needs A Lollipop of America Needs A Lollipop
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  1. A email question is going no where. you say
  2. Do you have any unexplained fears?
  3. You and your friends are bord, you
  4. Your room is..
  5. You have decided to paint your nails. What color do you choose?
  6. It's time to repaint your room. what color is it going to be?
  7. Are you musical?
  8. Do you think you're insane?
  9. Everything is going wrong. Life has you down. you,
  10. You took this quiz because..

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Quiz topic: Which editor am I?