Which editor are you?

Three very different, yet very similar minds go into the creation of each issue of America Needs A Lollipop. And between the three of them they have struck random genius. Or something really really close. But have you ever stopped to wonder, which one am I? Am I the devilish yet strangly undevilish Zea? Or the strange, random, and smart Allison? Or am I the randomly insane Rebekkah?

So who are you? This quiz will tell you. Or come as close as it can to telling you in 12 questions. And then the question will finally be answered. Until now you could only wonder. So go forth and find out, WHICH EDITOR ARE YOU?

Created by: America Needs A Lollipop of America Needs A Lollipop
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  1. A email is going no where. You say...
  2. Do you have any unexplained fears?
  3. You and your friends are bord, you...
  4. Your room is....
  5. You have decided to paint your nails. What color do you choose?
  6. It's time to repaint your room. What color is it going to be?
  7. Are you musical?
  8. Do you think you're insane?
  9. Everything is going wrong. life has you down. you...
  10. What do you want to be/do when you grow up?

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Quiz topic: Which editor am I?