What is the color of your soul?

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The color of your soul is also known as an aura. The colors of the worlds all share qualities that can influence us deeply. What is the color of your human soul?

The rainbow shows the harmony of all colors together, though they all are different, they complement each other. The world is a rainbow and each of us play our part.

Created by: ButterflyKitty
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  1. What colors are you naturally drawn to?
  2. What kind of situation brings you peace?
  3. What continent would you enjoy visiting?
  4. Do you remember your dreams usually?
  5. Which of the following do you feel closer to: the moon, the stars, the universe, the earth, the wind, or fire?
  6. Which of these languages would you rather learn?
  7. What would hurt you more; heartbreak, loss of family, loss of job, or loss of house?
  8. How much does charity truly concern you?
  9. Do you prefer buying things already made or if you have some skill, making it on your on?
  10. What kind of place do you want to live?

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Quiz topic: What is the color of my soul?