~Immortal Love Part 2~

Part 2 of ~Immortal Love~ is now out! I hope you enjoy this part! I remember one of you guys asking for me to make the next part longer, so I made it shorter! Lol, I just wanted to see you guys in suspense.

Credit to me (Br0wnies) and NeonHedgehog. I'm giving credit to NeonHedgehog because she helped me with this series. Thank you, NeonHedgehog! I hope you like this part!

Created by: Br0wnies

  1. Yugure said a language Veronica didn't seem to understand. She padded towards Yugure and growled again, not knowing Yugure didn't mean any harm.
  2. "Watashi wa, utsukushi ikimono o kizutsukenaide kudasai! Watashi wa hontoni warugi wanai!" Yugure said, trying to calm Veronica down. (Translation: Please don't hurt me beautiful creature, I really mean no harm!) Veronica growled louder.
  3. Yugure paused. Although Yugure's English isn't very good, he tried to say, "Hello". Veronica stopped growling. Yugure finally said something Veronica could understand. Veronica let out a soft yowl and a swish of her tail since she wasn't in her human form.
  4. "Um." Yugure staggered. "You...beautiful." Yugure said, slightly smiling and blushing at her. Veronica never thought someone would compliment a wolf like that, but then she thought that Yugure must have saw her transformation. Veronica went up to Yugure and sniffed him. She noticed that there was something particular and unusual about Yugure.
  5. Yugure looks at Veronica sniffing him and slightly smiles. "Um, you like...back?" Yugure asked Veronica, his voice trailing off. Veronica didn't know if she liked Yugure, so he looked at him, put her ears back, and stuck her tongue out.
  6. Yugure kept looking at Veronica, until the sun came up. He looked at where the light came from, but noticed it was the sun. Yugure hissed and fell to the ground. Yugure disappeared into dusk air without saying "Goodbye."
  7. CLIFFHANGER! >:D I remember one of you guys asking it to make it longer, but it would be funny to keep you guys in such suspense! Lol!

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