How much does your Crush really Love you?

The true meaning of love is a lovely feeling that you share with another person. Love is where you can't bear to be apart with your true love. Love is a partnership between you and the one who loves you.

Does your crush really love you? Have you found a match? Do you connect with your one and only true love? Do you feel this lovely feeling of love? Would you like to find out? Go ahead, take the test!

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. How does your Crush approach you?
  2. Does your crush touch you? (hold your hand, play with your hair, touch your face, etc.)
  3. Is your crush Social or Anti-Social around you?
  4. Does your crush usually smile or blush around you?
  5. Does your crush try to make you laugh?
  6. Does your crush usually try to start a conversation with you?
  7. Does your crush usually try to flirt with you?
  8. Have your ever saw your crush with another boy/girl?
  9. Does your crush try to look nice around you?
  10. Thank you for taking this test!

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Quiz topic: How much does my Crush really Love you?