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Shyness is what causes many people to avoid conversation with people they don;t know very well, and can seriously mess up any relationship between friends. Shyness is often caused by a low self-esteem, a high stress and anxiety rate, or just a psychological paranoid feeling that people will laugh or make fun of whenever the person messes up, whether this is true or not true at all.

This quiz is intended to help people determine the shyness of their personality, and to give them some ideas on how to fix their problem if they do feel this way. It is also a great deal of fun, which most people love either way. So go ahead, enjoy!

Created by: Zanna and Socko of Daisy, Misty, and Socko-My Cats And I
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  1. Do you dread group projects at school/work because you are afraid that people will complain at you?
  2. Do you tend to get sweaty palms, hot face, etc. in large crowds?
  3. Does your heart start beating faster when you talk to someone you don't know very well?
  4. If you were in school, would you rather do book work or participate in a school play?
  5. If you had a hard time doing your work at school, would you just go ask the teacher for help?
  6. If you were talking to someone you minorly know, however not very well, how would you speak to them?
  7. Does your low self-esteem often forbid you from daily activities such as after-school stuff?
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  9. Will you comment?
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